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What is the Difference Between the “Taquiza” and the “Mexican Buffet”?

What is the recommended Gratuity Amount for a Full Service Event like this?
Is there a minimum requirement for a Full Service Catering Event?
Are there any obstacles that can prevent my servers from serving at my desired location?

How much space is required for the Taquiza?

How Much Space is required for the Mexican Buffet?
How Can I inquire about availability for my event?
How can I Reserve my date and time to make sure no one else takes my slot?

What forms of Payment does Arteaga’s Food Center (Catering Department) Accept?

What if it rains on the day of my event?

What is Arteagas Cancellation Policy for Full Service events?

Are the Leftovers left behind or taken back?

When is the Final day to make any adjustments to my Menu or my Headcount?

Is there a Delivery Option?

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